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  • Can’t Shake You

    By siatimo
    Great story. Loved the Hero.
  • Can't shake u off

    By Chi_eey
    One of the best romance I have read ,had a box of tissue beside me while reading . It was professional executed thanks to the author
  • 4.5 stars for sultry, small-town secret romance

    By Marie-Elizabeth D
    Carissa can't shake Josh and I can't shake this book. I loved it. It was sweet and sexy and romantic -- a second chance at a relationship between two people who had a connection from the first moment they laid eyes on each other. As much as they fought it, Carissa and Josh's desire to be together and the connection that bound them to one another couldn't be ignored. There just wasn't anything not to like about Can't Shake You; it was a perfect read. And there really isn't anything to dislike about sexy, tattooed, noble, loyal, overprotective, self-deprecating military men (DUH). Definitely will be reading more from Molly McClain.
  • I "CAN’T SHAKE YOU” Either!

    By fit2Btied1
    WOW! Just WOW! I loved this book. One of the best 'I want you I can’t have you' stories I’ve read in a long time. HOT HOT HOT! I will be reading ALL in this series. I secretly cannot wait for Tony’s story or Reed’s story. GET THIS BOOK. It’s really good.
  • Great Love Story

    By Guinneyhop
    What a cute story. If you like quick reads, this book is it. I had a hard time putting in down. Josh and Carissa had some steamy hot sex! Looking forward to trying more by this author.
  • Keeps you interested

    By Tati-lynn
    The story keeps you interested from beginning to end. I like the fact the story wasn't boring. Great intimacy parts in this book. What women wouldn't want a man like Josh!!! Absolutely, worth reading. You won't be disappointed.
  • Love it!!!

    By Witty71
    It was a great read, very hot and steamy. Very tastefully done. Josh and Carissa are perfect for each other.
  • Not what I expected

    By Lhamons iTunes
    Good story line but was disappointed!
  • Thoroughly enjoyed it!

    By isalaur
    Really enjoyed the characters in this book. The author has created an interesting dynamic that makes the reader question how they would handle a similar situation. The ending is a bit abrupt and one particular part of the storyline seems to resolve itself way too easily but overall it was a fun read and I immediately downloaded the next book in the series when I finished it. I think that's a pretty good recommendation. And in response to earlier negative reviews....duh, of course it was predictable it's a romance novel! They are all predictable ....it's a function of the genre! And to the other negative review, you should read an entire book and gain an understanding of the characters and their motivation before critiquing something. You should also not give a "spoiler alert" that isn't even accurate, which if you read the whole book you would know.
  • It was okay

    By Katdesignsnyc
    It was a nice read but completely predictable.