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  • Read it!

    By Cherry blossom 90
    I actually downloaded this book years ago and I reread it at least twice every year. I just love it. Definitely recommend. Has romance vampires drama and a happy ending it’s great
  • Good read

    By nerdgirl1991
    At first the story started off slow but once I got into the characters I enjoyed the story and ending.
  • Loved it

    By bmore1130
    Definitely recommend. I’ve read this and listened to about three times. Can’t get enough of this series. Love it. You won’t be disappointed.
  • Loved it

    By ashalyy92
    Okay so I loved this book and the entire series and spin off! Author is very graphic and paints a great picture! I will admit there were a few grammatical errors and sometimes a word or phrase can feel over used but overall the story line is great! I’ve re-read several times and it’s just as good if not better having read more of the series. Author does a great job building an elaborating this world and it gets better with each new book! Haven’t found a series I’ve liked this much in a long time glad to have come across this awesome series!
  • Eh

    By KarlisaJade
    I really like the other series by this author and had huge hopes for this one. I just couldn’t get into it though. Everything felt very forced and rushed. The writing was simple. I couldn’t finish the book. Kept falling asleep. Frustrating.
  • Boring

    By taylorRip
    I could barely make it more than a few chapters before I tapped out. I’m not one to give up on books easily at all, but this one bit it hard for me. I’ve never had a problem binge reading a good book until all hours of the night. But this one had me fighting to keep my eyes open from the first page. The main characters are boring. Maybe I’ll try reading it in spurts and see if that makes it less dull.
  • Loved it

    By kenmichelle20
    Great book low key wish it was more in detail about the pregnancy/babies and her telling them all about it but it was great.
  • Thin plot

    By Gfoudree
    A thin plot surrounding more sex scenes than necessary for the story. More is not better but it would have been a short story otherwise. I hated the heroine because she is a hand wringer and a crier. If all you want is sex scenes, here’s your book.
  • Page turner

    By Southern Laura
    Good book..
  • Good Read

    By brw954
    I loved the slow build up of character development in the beginning. I felt that she fell too hard so quick with the decision to let him turn her into a vampire.