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  • No Rest for the Dead

    By CajunNewsGirl
    Sadly, I have to say this book was a terrible disappointment... With all the different writers with writing styles and story pieces and then trying to make it all flow cohesively was never accomplished... A very disappointing book... The plot could have been an awesome read, but not with so many writers... I would get upset with every chapter and their incredible differences and smutty language... David is a clean writer and I enjoy that but some of his writers were not... A waste of time and money!
  • Just like hopscotch!

    By Itashi Darkfire
    Square by square you can't wait to reach the top.
  • No Rest for the Dead

    By Trashaevaowe
    This is one of the best books I have read in a long time. I have not read anything by most of the contributors. A great story!!
  • No Rest for the Wicked

    By Super Clock
    The book was outstanding. It had the reader changing his mind on who was the killer/killers. The various authors of the chapters wove all their skills to keep the book flowing for the reader.
  • No rest for the dead

    By drdavedsb
    Disappointing. A mash up like this may sound coo On glee but even these very talented writers can't smooth out the bumps in the tempo, Good idea, didn't work,
  • No rest for the dead

    By nananan1
    While this book was somewhat interesting I found there was a lack of character development that typically comes from one author who knows his characters well. Too many authors made for a disjointed read. However it was done for a good cause.
  • Awesome!

    By Raiders5150
    This was a great first book for this group of authors & I hope to see more. The flow of the storyline from person to person never faltered and it read like it was from one author. Genius!
  • Great Read!!

    By AppleProMaster
    Wonderful book, keeps you in until the end. Please release more like this one, definitely worth the price!!
  • Interesting book ...

    By Princesschristu
    Great plot twists. Enjoyed it.
  • No Rest For The Dead

    By Librty
    This was a fun read. It was a good "who done it" and amazing to see how well all the authors contributed to continuing the story. It's a bonus that profits are going to such a great cause. I highly recommend it!