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  • Great read.

    By Goshamighty
    Baldacci is a master story teller. His plot twists and background details keep me excited from first page til last.

    By Ladynightbird
    The opening chapter was so outrageously good, that I threw down the book and ordered the audio so I wouldn’t miss a minute of it and my Hubby could hear it too while we were road tripping. BIG MISTAKE….. The story got so convoluted with ridiculous side plots and characters that the story became too hard to swallow. We did a ton of groaning. There were too many elements brought in. So much so, we were waiting for the appearance of Zombies & Vampires. Baldacci is usually such a good writer, this one must have gotten off the word processor without any editing. He was trying too hard for plot twists. Simple Geniun was slow and so ridiculous, we were waiting for the child that was in jeopardy to end up actually being a top CIA trained assassin who was actually a midget. It wouldn’t have surprised us….. Baldacci, we love you, but this book needed more of your love….
  • Simple Genious

    By Cazzzzzzzzzz
    The absolute worst novel I have read in years. A potentially good plot evicerated by lame characters and, in particular, incredibly amateurish writing. NY Times best selling author? Are you kidding me? In the end I only have myself to blame as I long ago swore that with so much great literature readily available I would not suffer through this kind of crap (beyond, say 50 pages). However, with the NY Times imprimatur I kept thinking that it had to get better. It only gets worse and the book ends up seeming at least a million pages (too) long. The poor quality was perhaps made even worse juxtaposed against the two Michael Connelly, Harry Bosch novels I had just finished (great!). This book is so bad that I can't imagine anything by Baldacci is any better than drivel. Forget the wasted money, from a life quality standpoint - run away!
  • Not his best

    By Jakeryan021
    The story comes together at the end, but for some reason doesn't satisfy completely. The last 100 pages are very good as the pace picks up, but up until then, the story moves too slowly. Not a bad read, but not Baldacci's best.
  • Sheer Genius

    By jabber27
    Fantastic book. A real page turner and a great ride.
  • Simple Genius

    By CajunNewsGirl
    This book was awesome!!! David Baldacchi is an incredible spy thriller writer.. The best I have ever read.. Lots of research done and not a lot of fill in with over-descriptions, like so many other writers.... You can't put it down!!! It grabs you right from the start...
  • Simple Genius

    By Angie Mayr
    Not the usual quality of Baldacci, it was easy to put down.
  • Great read!

    By Thankful7873
    This series continues to get better. Last 200 pages were amazing. Couldn't put it down. Highly recommend it.
  • Very exciting

    By Jerry's iPad
    Amazing how the author takes a complicated math and science concept to a wonderful story to give the reader an amazing appreciation of the math and science professionals. As the TV show CSI has sparked a renewed interest in math and science education in young people, I think this amazing story will also encourage children to pursue math and science studies .... After all, this story shows how intriguing and exhilarating math and science really is. The author is one of a few who can take complicated ideas and create a story that is exciting and non-technical so we can 'stay on the edge of our seat as we learn about mathematics impact on our lives'
  • Great

    By Mundito26
    From the first page this book was fantastic