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  • Outstanding!!

    By Lobasola
    This book was amazing, as is the dynamic man who wore it! Thank you president Obama for your candid outlook on the world, your character, and diplomacy in all things. I read the hate reviews and hope you can ignore little words from little people, they cannot see the world beyond their narrow minded ignorance, much like the current leader of this nation.
  • Yes We Can!

    By hadaseee
    Obama has allowed us into his life and mind a bit more than what we saw on national TV. For those rating this book because of their political beliefs are quite frankly racist in my eyes. It’s a fascinating read, took me two days.
  • A Promised Land

    By shar sharbinks
    So narcissistic! Overall sense of untruth and a feeling of so far removed from the American people.
  • These Trump supporters in here lol

    By Behnam A
    Obama’s book is a well written book about the challenges he faced in America.
  • Worst book ever

    By alpha over all liberals
    It was a very horrible read. Worst book ever.
  • Progress over Obstruction

    By Richard Bakare
    The obstructionist stance that the Republican delegation of Congress had towards Obama was clear before he ever took office. To me and many other minorities, it was a clearly racist response to a historic moment. Even if it meant significant pain for everyday Americans that formed their constituencies. That Obama and his administration were able to overcome that block-headed disposition towards his agenda is truly legendary. From averting financial disaster, saving or spawning whole industries, fighting wars on multiple fronts, and rallying international foes & allies towards some progress on a host of issues. That the successes did not get translated down to the voters is a lesson in controlling your own narrative. “The U.S. government’s an ocean liner...Not a speedboat. If we want to change our approach...we need a strategy that builds over time.” This point late in the book exemplifies the spanning historical narrative style of the memoir. The memoir emphasizes Obama’s first term is not just the four years under his watch, but the culmination of all the policy wins and mistakes from every administration before. Some not so easily unraveled, and some he gets the blame regardless of context. In all, this behind the scenes tour of the inner workings of politics and the White House, leads to an appreciation to the unsung staff and team that sit behind every leader. The ones who sacrifice time with family, never get enough sleep, don’t appear on cable news networks, and serve their country first. It is also a reminder that an informed citizenry can better reward their sacrifices by participating in democracy by voting every time and working to improve their own little pitch of Earth at the local level.
  • Detestable human

    By VeggieDealer
    Absolutely one of the most vile people alive. Disgusting for him to get a peace prize.
  • Yes, I voted for him.

    By Coolishelk69
    He is charismatic and a good speaker, but don’t like how he and Democratic Party have spilt this nation....he did not like Trump, before Donald even said he was running for office. He was very publicly rude at a dinner with hundreds of people and roasted Trump in his speech that evening.....I personally think that is when Donald made up his mind to run for POTUS. He didn’t need the job, as he obviously gives away his salary.
  • Ruined our country

    By jmb11197
    Worst President in the history of the US. I am convinced you hate America. You are a part of and probably a leader of the Deep State.
  • A must read for all Republicans in 2020

    By harwood19
    A fantastic ride and irrefutable reminder of how lucky we were having this man as president for 8 years.