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  • Was a hard act to follow

    By Not happy 1769
    Felt a little forced. He’s an awesome author and can’t wait for his next book however it’s nearly impossible to write a sequel to Ready Player One.
  • Same plot, not as great

    By traipse
    Starts slow and then dumps into the same plot as the first, this time with a countdown thrown in. Characters lack any development and little explanation is given for their actions. Still a decent yarn if you don’t mind the thoughtlessness of it. Even more of a kids book this time with less compelling 80s references and some slow parts that go into excessive detail for minor points.
  • A Caddyshack 2 like sequel

    By Gregoire2125
    I didn’t think it was possible to ruin this universe. But he did. Good on him for trying though . But it’s bad.
  • Masterful Ending

    By Operation eighteen
    Wow - truly exciting!
  • Awkwardly forced

    By King_Kahuna
    I read RP1 in 8 hours. Could not put it down. I’ve had RP2 since its release date. At the time of this writing, I am slightly over halfway. The continued character development jammed into RP2 adds unnecessary, forced dialogue and brings any sort of action or plot development to a brutal screeching halt. Instead of masterfully weaving pop culture references into the book such as was done in RP1, the references in RP2 are presented to the reader in a manner one would expect from the annoying paper clip in old versions of Microsoft Word. The characters have solid backgrounds seeded in them from RP1. This book could have been so much better if it were more focused on the action, instead of being the morality police. Such a different tone from RP1. The book was nothing what I expected. In summation, the disappointment I feel while reading RP2 is worse than the disappointment I felt while watching the movie adaptation of RP1.
  • Good but sometimes boring

    By DD1586
    I Enjoyed this book and its ending. The only thing is this book likes to go a lot in detail about things in the past and sometimes it can get pretty boring and make you want to stop reading. Overall good book
  • Good

    Overall, a good book. Slow build up with a lot of extra Info. Ending happened to quick.
  • Solid read especially 2nd half

    By KeeblerCookies
    Very good a little slow at first but builds. Makes one think of the possibilities of the future. 7 Compared to Ready Player One 10.
  • Good sequel

    By Fiesty First
    This was a great way for the story to continue and I found most of it enjoyable. There were only a few chapters I found beyond boring and skim read them because they droned in with unnecessary detail. It's quite obvious that the singer these chapters were about was one of the author's favorite but it had to had been the worst part of the book.
  • Thoroughly enjoyed reading it!

    By Caffeinated24x7
    It was difficult to put down! A wonderful sequel to Ready Player One. Being someone who grew up in the 80’s, a geek, a gamer, a hacker, 80’s music lover, I thoroughly enjoyed all the nostalgia of my youth. And I cannot say enough, about the Afterworld. I’m such a fan of that I could visualize a little too well! Thanks for writing another great story!