The Man Who Has No Love - Victoria Quinn

The Man Who Has No Love

By Victoria Quinn

  • Release Date: 2020-07-21
  • Genre: Contemporary
Score: 4.5
From 54 Ratings

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I finally got Valerie to give Deacon what he wants.

To move to the city so the three of them can be together.

I just have to give her one thing...a penthouse in my building. That means I'll have to see her, talk to her, and worst of all, assist her. But no matter how difficult she is, her being here means Derek will be here...and that makes it all worth it.

Until she gets between Deacon and I...and rips us apart.


  • Great read!

    By SimplyAsh
    The Man Who Has No Love was beyond amazing! I honestly couldn’t put this one down. The constant adrenaline rush you get while reading this book is addicting. It’s a constant page turner, chapter after chapter you just want more and more. The way all of the characters intertwine with each other was greatly written. I can’t wait to see how things go in the next book with Valerie and Jake, I feel like things will get crazy because they didn’t get their way. I’m hopeful for tucker and his new love interest too! The Man Who Has No Sight can’t come fast enough!
  • The Man Who Has No Love

    By Nay Nay 18
    Contains SPOILERS!!!!!!! I waited till the weekend to read this because I didn’t want any interruptions. I knew with Valerie in the picture permanently now the book was gonna be juicy and I didn’t want anyone bothering me. I already figured from the last one that once Valerie moved into the building she would hook up with Jake. Deacon was a hundred percent right they are perfect for each other. I expected Valerie to be the one who snitched on her but of course it was Jake punk self. He really has it bad for Cleo. The fact that he is still dating Valerie knowing she is Deacon’s ex wife is sick it’s self because there is no revenge in that. Other than Jake being around Derek. What annoyed me is that it took Deacon that long to even realize she wasn’t even working there anymore in the first place. I completely understood why he was upset if I hadn’t of read the books I would have excused Cleo of lying myself but she more than bent over backwards for Deacon and his son just to get the door slammed in face the way she did was ridiculous. I am happy he came to his senses because Cleo deserves everything. She deserves to be someone wife who is going to treat her right and to have a family of her own. I can’t wait till book 4 because Valerie and Jake have to go. Now that Cleo is back I’m pretty sure Valerie is going to try everything in her power to get rid of her.
  • Another amazing series!

    By Megsmit143
    *I received a free ARC of the book for an honest review* I am in love with Deacon and Cleo. Their story is so captivating and this book took turns I wasn’t expecting! I know the drama is just beginning and I cannot wait to see how it unfolds! I have a few suspicions about Cleo too and I need to know if I’m right or not. I can’t wait for more!! I hope Tucker gets his own series too!
  • Must Read!!!

    By Shay Dancy
    I’m obsessed with this author I have read all of her books! This book didn’t disappoint, I wish I had an advance copy to the next book in the series but what fun would that be! I really hate having to wait until August but it’s whatever. She does an amazing job with the characters.
  • Love this series so much!

    By Juliexv5018
    * i received a free ARC from the author in exchange for an honest review* This book was so good! It was an emotional rollercoaster that I wasn’t prepared for, but it just made everything so much better in the end. I love the dual POV from each character, letting us know where their head is at during the good and bad times! 10/10 recommend.