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  • Predictable

    By abdkeiuqvd
    The story line was mapped out for you within the first 30 pages. In the beginning the author does a great job to hook you in. As I continued reading further and further though it became more and more predictable. Like when you write an essay and give your main supporting facts in your introduction paragraph - this author gave all the story line highlights that he was going to take you through before you even read the rest of the book. The ending was nearly exactly what I thought it would be. Additionally the ending lacked real life experience and expectation of those suffering through what the main character went through.
  • Just amazing

    By stardustandbooks
    I don’t usually write reviews but I just had to with this. This book was everything I could’ve wanted and more. It’s a beautifully written story and incredibly touching. I feel as though it’s given me a new perspective on life and it’s probably one of my favorite books ever now. I can see myself rereading it many times throughout my life. I would definitely recommend it!
  • Lovely

    By Whitmben
    Such a lovely heartwarming tale at a time when it’s most needed 🤍
  • Beautiful story!

    By Casterwill_
    Really makes you think about what’s really important!
  • Regret...

    By Joanou
    It’s nice. Sweet. Has interesting observations about regret and a life not lived. But is also somewhat episodic and runs out of steam. A good light read.
  • No regrets

    By Brunetta4u
    Such a wonderfully hopeful book in these downtrodden times. From life lessons and philosophical phrases to travel tips...you will learn so much from this book.
  • Beautiful

    By LeighHugs
    For anyone who has ever struggled with despair or regret, or who is trying to understand the inner world of someone who is, and how you might help them - this book is for you.
  • Book club book

    By EldridgeJ
    If you’re looking for a light read with a heavy subject matter for your next book club book then this is it. A story told within one book; you will find yourself pondering the meaning of your relationships in your life and their impact or importance relative to your own value. While you may be able to guess early on how a story like this will turn out, it’s definitely about the journey rather than the ending.
  • It’s A Wonderful Life For The Modern Age

    By gdub2019
    Great read for the holidays. Reminds you life has to be lived, no matter the obstacles you face.
  • Great Read!!

    By DJH1950
    Brilliantly imagined and written. An incredible journey of discovery about oneself.