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  • Good read

    By mott41
    Informative, and to the point I will reread this often
  • Amazing

    By Tatianna Staples
    Great read! I highly recommend this for a quick guide on how the law of attraction works and how to manifest from it
  • Great

    By alizahgrace
    I really enjoyed a lot of the knowledge this book had to offer. However, I found it to focus a bit too much on material happiness. This is not a judgement but rather an observation. Attachments are temporary and you must focus on your mind, body, and spirit to obtain happiness. Maybe I just have differing opinions about using manifestation for material things, so I guess this isn’t a review of your book but rather one of my beliefs surfacing. I initially gave this book at 3 star review but I’m just realizing as I write this that just because my opinion differs does not mean this book is not brilliant. Great work and important knowledge!!! Have a blessed life
  • Great read

    By addie Linton
    Reading this made me realize how negative my mindset has been lately and I’m ready to change that.
  • Good read

    By Anqry hero
    Helped me learning more on how LOA works. Really strong points made in this book. Will be reading again
  • Love it!

    By bpgrimes22
    Thank you so much for sharing much wisdom in a short book. I enjoyed it very much and everything you stated in the book was spot on!
  • Very Detailed

    By BlatantWriter
    I have been struggling in discovering the issue with my luck in life and after ready this short book it definitely brought some light to understanding what I have either been doing wrong or not doing at all. I can definitely say it helped me.
  • Great read

    By blkbeard444
    Absolutely a great read. I never thought about law of attraction like the way it was broken down. Thank you!
  • Helpful

    By mikeabess
    This book is changing my approach to life, it is important to stay positive and focus on the things that matters
  • Live love be grateful

    By MFJ91!
    This book was very informative👌 good read