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  • AHHHHHH!!!!!

    By Hershey78
    SUUPER GOOD BUT THE ENDINNNNNGGGGGGGG, ITS SAD. ITS ALSO SAD THAT IT ENDED. I MUST BUY THE NEXT TWO BOOKS. I’ve read this author before and she’s super talented, she always keeps you guessing for something that’s right under your nose. No slow parts EVER. It’s always magicaly exciting!
  • I am in awe

    By bgold1342
    This is such a cool and different take on Peter Pan. I love it! I’m excited to see where it goes and I love following the story from Wendy’s point of view. Recommend 100%
  • Change your endings! Please?

    By Sad aftertaste
    I liked it except for the sad ending. It's not fair especially since I have to pay for the next book to see if it gets better. In my experience, I've only read two books, and both have the same sad ending! So you should probably work on that. Other than that it was pretty good. I liked how it followed the Peter Pan story line but made it unique.
  • LOVE THIS BOOK!!!!!!!!!!...

    By KateLovesThisBook😘🥰😍🦄
    I love this book!!! I like how Wendy starts to remember Peter and it is just so breath taking and it surprised me when Jax kissed Wendy while training her!!! I am sad that Jax betrayed all of them :( that was so sad but all the romance from Wendy and Peter really pumped it up!!! Thanks for wrighting this book Chanda Hahn!!!
  • Lost Girl

    By Shiftymsg8899
    This was an imaginative take on an old story. It grabbed my attention from the first page to the last.
  • Awesome

    By Belle100!
    I have read these stories over and over. Loves triumphant victory.
  • Bravo

    By Jenjenmn
    Knocked this twist in Peter Pan out of the park!
  • Loved it!!

    By Laura-01
    Wow!! I absolutely love the spin of this series!! Wendy battling with the shadows and her unexplained feelings towards them. Are they there to help or hurt her?!? Pick up the book to find out!! It is amazing!! Loved it! I Just finished reading the book and just like that it ended!! Oh man I need answers and I'm starting to feel the hangover. Cannot wait for the next book! I really enjoyed this spin of the story! Loved it!!
  • Lost Girl

    By JessicaHolbrook
    I loved this book! Such a creative take on an old tale! I cannot wait to read the other ones!
  • I love this book!

    By MattSable
    I can't wait for the sequel. I've enjoyed every book I've read by this author. It's rare that I find a book that holds my interest like this one!