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  • Study shows it all

    By Bookjunkie19
    "Plant-based diets in China provided high rates of iron, calcium, fiber, and protein along with low rates of fat and cholesterol. Even the most sedentary Chinese in the study ate more calories than the average US resident and experienced fewer health complications." The eight principles of a healthy diet emphasize the importance of whole plant foods over supplements or animal foods; the limited effect of genes on health and the capacity for a healthy diet to prevent, mitigate, or reverse any disease related to nutrition, alongside other health benefits." The author's criticize the use of supplements over whole foods but then later tell the reader that they may need to take vitamin B12 and D supplements! Make sure you read the words "possible" and "suggests" in this book! This was an observational study not an experimental one where some people changed their diet and some didn't. The authors admit to being some what biased towards a plant based diet.
  • Mortality in countries are high in China.

    By Rich Long47
    The China Study by T. Colin Campbell & Thomas M. Campbell II/Key Takeaways, Analysis & Review by Eureka Books is an excellent summary of an enormous survey of diet and mortality in 65 Chinese counties by T. Colin Campbell who is an avid promoter of plant-based protein diets over meat protein diets. As usual, the Eureka Books is like a Cliff Notes, summarizing and analyzing a book, giving a good idea of its contents and value without the necessity of paying full price for a book you might discover you don’t like. As unauthorized summaries, there’s no danger of the publisher or author influencing the content of the Eureka product, lending it a great degree of credibility.
  • Great facts!

    By Silentdarkness19
    This summary gives an overview of what the book is about and lists and analyzes key takeaways from the original book. I am very concerned with living a healthy lifestyle, so I found this book on nutrition to be very interesting. This book discuses how eating a whole foods/plant-based diet lowers your risk of diseases such as heart disease, diabetes, and cancer. While it would be extremely hard for me to give up animal proteins all together, I feel more determined to add more fruits and vegetables to my diet and to limit my animal protein intake. If you are looking to improve your diet, you will enjoy reading this book!