The Way I Heard It Audiobook

Way I Heard It Audiobook
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Written By: Mike Rowe
Narrated By: Mike Rowe
Publisher: Simon & Schuster Audio
Date: October 2019
Duration: 7 hours 56 minutes

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The Way I Heard It Audio books Summary


Executive producer and host Mike Rowe presents a delightfully entertaining, seriously fascinating collection of his favorite episodes from America’s #1 short-form podcast, The Way I Heard It, along with a host of personal memories, ruminations, and insights. It’s a captivating must-read.

The Way I Heard It presents thirty-five mysteries “for the curious mind with a short attention span.” Every one is a trueish tale about someone you know, filled with facts that you don’t. Movie stars, presidents, bloody do-gooders, and villains—they’re all here, waiting to shake your hand, hoping you’ll remember them. Delivered with Mike’s signature blend of charm, wit, and ingenuity, their stories are part of a larger mosaic—a memoir full of surprising revelations, sharp observations, and intimate, behind-the-scenes moments drawn from Mike’s own remarkable life and career.

The Way I Heard It Audio book Reviews

As a fan of Mike Rowe I was afraid I would have heard all of these stories but I had not. And those I had heard from podcasts had additional anecdotal stories about Mike or related stories that made them as interesting as if they were first reads. Well done, Mike. This book is one I will suggest to my friends and family. Keep on doing what you do. You are a great storyteller.

“There’s nothing magical about what I do, Mike. I’m just using the tools I was given. You can be a tradesman, too, if that’s what you want to be. Heck, we’re all tradesman. The trick is to get the right toolbox.” (200)

The appeal in listening to Mike Rowe, much like this book, is his unfiltered authenticity that he charmingly brings to whoever his audience happens to be. In The Way I Heard It, Rowe takes the reader from some of the most brilliant short stories of his podcast that contain insightful observations paired with tales of famous people sprinkled with facts seemingly forgotten by time. History isn’t so much a timeline, but more a revolving circle, telling the same sort of themes over and over, seemingly as each generation forgets the defining moments of the last. It was fun to see the comparisons of different time periods and peoples, shaped by the same circumstances and fates. It’s in those bizarre unscripted moments of life that really lend to the incredible mystic of it all. It was also entertaining to see those stories juxtaposed with Mike’s own life. What a great collection of stories to be told.

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Michael Gregory Rowe (born March 18, 1962):6 is an American television host, narrator, and former opera singer. He is known for his work on the Discovery Channel series Dirty Jobs and the series Somebody’s Gotta Do It originally developed for CNN. He currently hosts a series produced for Facebook called Returning the Favor in which he finds people doing good deeds and does something for them in return. He also hosts the podcast The Way I Heard It with Mike Rowe, which he describes as “short stories designed specifically for the curious mind plagued with a short attention span”. Rowe has narrated programs on the Discovery Channel, The Science Channel, and National Geographic Channel such as Deadliest Catch, How the Universe Works, and Shark Week. He has also appeared in commercials for firms such as the Ford Motor Company.

In June 2020, Discovery Channel announced “Dirty Jobs: Rowe’d Trip”, four episodes to be aired in mid-July 2020, billed as “part reunion, part road-trip, part look-back-special”.

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