Icarus Airlines - Taylor Mali

Icarus Airlines

By Taylor Mali

  • Release Date: 2007-10-03
  • Genre: Drama & Poetry
  • © 2007 Words Worth Ink

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Listen Icarus Airlines Audiobook Free Online , Icarus Airlines Audiobook Free , Icarus Airlines Audiobook Free Online Taylor's first live spoken-word program since 2003, Icarus Airlines, contains 34 poems, including "The Miracle Workers", "Holding Your Position", "The Mascot of Monterrey", "Best Conversation on Race", "The Apologia of Hephaestus", "Practice Pheasant", "Depression, Too, Is a Kind of Fire", "The New Ash on the Roof of Our Building", "My Mother's Gardening Journal", "Remarkable Man", "I Am Loving You", "Your Eyes Are My Only Limitless Now", "Another Preposition Entirely", "The Lanyard" (by Billy Collins), "They Don't Make Loaves of Bread That Big", "Pizza", "When Does the Human Heart Rest?", "Bodhisattva", "Reading Allowed", "On Girls Lending Pens", "Nightfall", "For Health and Strength", "Salvation Army", "The Trusting Time", "Eight-Hour Spanish Bus Ride", "Entire Act of Sorrow", "Healing Orange", "Maybe For You It Is Today", "The Gates", "The Day Is Blue", "Defending American Interests", "For the Life of Me", "That Moment" (by Chad Anderson), and "The Second Pass" (with Emil Brikha).
Please Note: Taylor Mali's work explores a variety of social and cultural issues in a dynamic and uninhibited way. Therefore, some material in this program may not be appropriate for very young listeners.


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Icarus Airlines Taylor Mali