The Summer House Audiobook

The Summer House Audiobook
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Book Details

Written By: Brendan Dubois, James Patterson
Narrated By: Ari Fliakos
Date: June 2020
Duration: 10 hours 19 minutes

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This Audiobook Free Summary

When seven murder victims are found in a small town, the homicide investigation shakes a small-town sheriff to her core in James Patterson’s tense thriller.

Once a luxurious southern getaway on a rustic lake, then reduced to a dilapidated crash pad, the Summer House is now the grisly scene of a nighttime mass murder. Eyewitnesses point to four Army Rangers — known as the Night Ninjas — recently returned from Afghanistan.
To ensure that justice is done, the Army sends Major Jeremiah Cook, a veteran and former NYPD cop, to investigate. But the major and his elite team arrive in sweltering Georgia with no idea their grim jobs will be made exponentially more challenging by local law enforcement, who resists the Army’s intrusion and stonewall them at every turn.
As Cook and his squad struggle to uncover the truth behind the condemning evidence, the pieces just won’t fit — and forces are rallying to make certain damning secrets die alongside the victims in the murder house. With his own people in the cross-hairs, Cook takes a desperate gamble to find answers — even if it means returning to a hell of his own worst nightmares.

Audiobook by Brendan Dubois, James Patterson Review

–In rural Georgia, there is an old house, once grand, and now a dilapidated shack known as the Summer House. Seven people have been brutally murdered including a two-year-old girl. Evidence points to four Army Rangers known as the Ninja Squad for their ability to infiltrate a target and get out without being noticed. The four of them have been arrested and are in the local jail. The DA wants them to get the death penalty. The question is why would they do that? The Army sends a group of investigators to get to the bottom of the puzzle. They are headed by Major Jeremiah Cook, an injured vet and a former NYPD detective. As they investigate, what appears to be a slam dunk case starts to unravel with one clue after another. What they discover will bring them into conflict, not only with the local law enforcement, but, with their army superiors.
James Patterson does not need me to review one of his books. They sell by virtue of his name alone. However, his co- author, Brendan DuBois, is a friend of mine and for that reason this book is of interest to me. (Please note- if I didn’t like it, I wouldn’t have reviewed it. ) The plot is actually quite complex, at least, initially. Once the reader gets familiar with the characters, the pacing of the plot increasingly accelerates. The short chapters with characters’ alternate points of view, often with a cliffhanger ending, are reminiscent of the Patterson style of writing. This adds to the propulsive nature of the book. When the reader reaches the last 200 pages, the book is impossible to put down. I imagine the research that went into the book was supplied by Brendan, as well as, the solid characterizations. Both of these authors should be proud of this book. It is superb entertainment though a bit too long. Highly recommended.

–I like reading James Patterson books and I love his idea of trying new ways to get people reading. This book was easily digestible even with little military knowledge. It has good twists and turns that are always leading to the finale. As I approached the last few chapters I could feel the tension increasing. Thinking “How will this all play out?”. It was a steep climb to the top of this roller coaster but the drop to the finale was all I wanted it to be. What a fun ride.

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