Inappropriate - Vi Keeland


By Vi Keeland

  • Release Date: 2020-01-20
  • Genre: Romance
Score: 4.5
From 594 Ratings

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A new, sexy standalone from #1 New York Times Bestseller, Vi Keeland.

Terminated for inappropriate behavior.
I couldn’t believe the letter in my hands.
Nine years. Nine damn years I’d worked my butt off for one of the largest companies in America, and I was fired with a form letter when I returned home from a week in Aruba.
All because of a video taken when I was on vacation with my friends—a private video made on my private time. Or so I thought…
Pissed off, I cracked open a bottle of wine and wrote my own letter to the gazillionaire CEO telling him what I thought of his company and its practices.
I didn’t think he’d actually respond.
I certainly never thought I’d suddenly become pen pals with the rich jerk.
Eventually, he realized I’d been wronged and made sure I got my job back.
Only…it wasn’t the only thing Grant Lexington wanted to do for me.
But there was no way I was getting involved with my boss’s boss’s boss. Even if he was ridiculously gorgeous, confident, and charming.
It would be completely wrong, inappropriate even.
Sort of like the video that got me into trouble to begin with.
Two wrongs don’t make a right.
But sometimes it’s twice as fun.


  • Quick read

    By Isygaliz
    Touching, sexy, and romantic.
  • Amazing

    By Bulldog66fan
    I couldn’t put it down! What a way to interweave the stories!
  • And She Does It Again

    By Doingthisforcoinsssssdzzzzz
    This was another tremendous read by Vi Keeland. Ireland and Grant’s story is full of heat, snark, and laughs. It is also, at times, heart rending. This was one that was hard to put down and kept me up late reading—and it was worth the dark circles in the morning!

    By Suzanne Golt
    Vi Keeland is a one-click author for me, and her latest release, Inappropriate, clicked every check box for me. Every one. It started off with a laugh as our heroine, Ireland Saint James, gets released from her contract as a news broadcaster due to misconduct. I just loved her spirit and sense of humor as she drunkenly sends Grant, the CEO of the company, an email stating exactly how she felt about erroneously being fired. He apparently liked it too and showed off his comedic chops in his response. And so it begins... I was drawn in from the very first page and couldn’t help but smile hoping these two would meet, fall in love, have beautiful babies, and all the other romantic notions that swim in my head. But this book is all about their journey to get there, the pain in their past, their vulnerability and deciding whether or not to take a giant leap of faith, open up, and trust your heart. I love how they got to know one another and couldn’t stay away, and how she was able to open up about her parents from the beginning. This led him to open up about being adopted, and this slow burn will make you feel every single emotion. I adored their banter, their flirtations, all of their interactions at work and in their personal lives. I loved all the secondary characters, especially his grandparents, sisters, his “Little” brother, Leo, and her friend, Mia. What captivated me most was Grant’s backstory, the reason he locked his heart away and didn’t want to get serious. It was personally emotional for me to read because my ex-husband is bi-polar and mental illness runs in my family. It can cripple you and fill you with self-doubt as to what you could have or should have done. Ms. Keeland did a brilliant job covering this sensitive subject and all I wanted to do was hug Grant and tell him it will all be ok. To forgive yourself. The tears I tell you, so many tears. I loved Grant and Ireland together and how they supported each other and built each other up. I loved their trying times as they were very real and heartbreaking, and I especially loved how it all came full-circle and they could forgive and move on. That Grant is super swoony and thoughtful over and over again, but especially his big grand gesture as well as his little, but adorable gesture in the end...he remembered what she said she most wanted in life and made all her dreams come true. SWOON! I loved all of the steamy times, how sexy and wanted he made her feel, and how little by little, they were able to find their own well-deserved HEA. So many twists and turns in this new favorite Vi Keeland book of mine. I especially loved the extended epilogue that had me crying once again, but this time, it was happy tears.
  • Inappropriate

    By Jlosmom01
    I absolutely loved this book so much that when I finished reading it I started reading it all over again!
  • Inappropriate

    By BellaBean
    3-stars: It’s a love story but not much more than that
  • Loved this book (Inappropriate)

    By Red 80
    Vi Keeland is one of my all time favorite authors. This book was amazing it was funny, and filled with angst. Inappropriate is filled with twist and turns, it’s told beautifully, it will make you laugh and cry but you won’t regret reading this incredible story. This was a story that I did not see coming, I had to keep reading to find out what was going with Ireland Saint James (love their names) and Grant Lexington. Inappropriate is so different, you will not be able to stop reading.
  • Review: Inappropriate

    By @LisaHines711
    Inappropriate by Vi Keeland is a fantastic standalone comprised of all the elements of a great and emotional story I have come to expect from her. Surface level fun and laughs, mid level romance and steam and heat, and deep level emotional angst. This story of a woman wrongly fired and falling for her boss could just be a sexy romance, but the amazing Vi Keeland always has a deeper story to tell. Grant’s painful past is slowly revealed to us a morsel at a time and Ireland is just awesome. She is a fighter that sticks up for herself even when the outlook is bleak, she still defends herself and is respectful (wish) about it. Her interactions with Grant continue to humanize him, taking him from ruthless CEO to beautiful tragic man with a heart of gold. Enjoy!
  • Sunsets and Spuds

    By Jen'sboyclub
    Inappropriate is a beautiful heartbreaking story of love, loss, strength, and forgiveness. My heart broke for both Ireland and Grant. Both have dealt with loss and tragedy and carry the pain with them daily. They have survived and did their best to overcome, but will they be able to open their hearts up and let love in. Grants story was so painful, tragic and gut wrenching. He can’t move past the worst night of his life and carries the hurt, pain and guilt with him. For the past seven years he chooses to relive his nightmare everyday and closes himself off from finding love again. Ireland is smart, witty and full sass. She is independent and worked hard to land her dream job. When Ireland is wrongfully terminated, she doesn’t plan on leaving without a fight. One drunken email later, she has the attention of the CEO, Grant Lexington. Grant can’t get the stunning and fiery newscaster out of his head and can’t help but get to know her outside of the office. Grant and Ireland realize their relationship is inappropriate and try to take things slowly. They can’t deny their feelings for each other and their relationship heats up quickly. When the unexpected happens, Grant isn’t sure he is able to open his heart and accept everything that Ireland is offering. He is scared and not sure if he can make room in his heart for true love. Loved the ending.
  • All the feels!!

    By Featherlight97
    Omg!! Can I just say, I love Grant Lexington!! And Ireland is quite awesome herself! I loved everything about this book! It’s hilarious, sweet mixed with a little sad, and oh so sexy! So get ready for all the feels! Vi Keeland has started out 2020 both a bang!! Five+ stars for me!! I can’t wait to see what she comes out with next!!