A Very Stable Genius - Philip Rucker & Carol Leonnig

A Very Stable Genius

By Philip Rucker & Carol Leonnig

  • Release Date: 2020-01-21
  • Genre: Political Science
Score: 4
From 256 Ratings

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The instant #1 bestseller.

“This taut and terrifying book is among the most closely observed accounts of Donald J. Trump’s shambolic tenure in office to date."
- Dwight Garner, The New York Times

Washington Post
national investigative reporter Carol Leonnig and White House bureau chief Philip Rucker, both Pulitzer Prize winners, provide the definitive insider narrative of Donald Trump's unique presidency with shocking new reporting and insight into its implications.

“I alone can fix it.” So went Donald J. Trump’s march to the presidency on July 21, 2016, when he accepted the Republican presidential nomination in Cleveland, promising to restore what he described as a fallen nation. Yet over the subsequent years, as he has undertaken the actual work of the commander in chief, it has been hard to see beyond the daily chaos of scandal, investigation, and constant bluster. It would be all too easy to mistake Trump’s first term for one of pure and uninhibited chaos, but there were patterns to his behavior and that of his associates. The universal value of the Trump administration is loyalty - not to the country, but to the president himself - and Trump’s North Star has been the perpetuation of his own power, even when it meant imperiling our shaky and mistrustful democracy.

Leonnig and Rucker, with deep and unmatched sources throughout Washington, D.C., tell of rages and frenzies but also moments of courage and perseverance. Relying on scores of exclusive new interviews with some of the most senior members of the Trump administration and other firsthand witnesses, the authors reveal the forty-fifth president up close, taking readers inside Robert Mueller’s Russia investigation as well as the president’s own haphazard but ultimately successful legal defense. Here for the first time certain officials who have felt honor-bound not to publicly criticize a sitting president or to divulge what they witnessed in a position of trust tell the truth for the benefit of history.

This peerless and gripping narrative reveals President Trump at his most unvarnished and exposes how decision making in his administration has been driven by a reflexive logic of self-preservation and self-aggrandizement - but a logic nonetheless. This is the story of how an unparalleled president has scrambled to survive and tested the strength of America’s democracy and its common heart as a nation.


  • Fantastic

    By ChaseGooch
    What an inside look.
  • Crap

    By Musiclovrrrr
    Trump derangement syndrome at its finest. Enjoy the next 4 years !!
  • Every American should read this book

    By 史威德
    Great read, excellent insight to trumps first 36 months in office. Scary how such an unhinged immoral person was able to land the highest office of the nation. After reading the book, I am less angry at trump but rather the fealty of the Republican Congress. Trump has a long track record of being completely unhinged and self absorbed. Amazing that so many republicans have become pliant spineless sycophants. It’s the Joseph McCarthy era in replay.
  • Apple and their political hacks

    By Old timer ny
    Top book...
  • Ignore the MAGA-bots

    By Jfwoodman
    This well written and engrossing book is meticulously documented and backed up by hundreds of witnesses to the den of corruption that is now the White House. America needs to kick this amoral clown to the curb and restore integrity to the White House, and the country. The one star, one line reviews here are clearly written by Trump lemmings that didn’t even read the book.
  • Liberal propaganda

    By cewy the wookie
    Anti Trump propaganda
  • Dumn

    By Smarty Smart Smarts
  • Garbage

    By not Bolten
    Don’t waste your money on this liberal fantasy.
  • Barf

    By 1st Time Business Owner
    Complete and total trash. Don’t waste your time. Biased reporting at its finest. *insert eye roll here*
  • Well done

    By Supreme leader snoke the 4th
    One of the best Trump insider reads of the first term